Liceo del Verbo Divino "School of the Divine Word" (formerly the Divine Word University of Tacloban) "The Landmark of the Catholic Education in Region 8" 'Agnoscite Dei Potentiam' Acknowledge the Power of God

About Us

LICEO del VERBO DIVINO (LVD), a Catholic institution of higher learning owned and administered by the Society of the Divine Word  (SVD), is committed to respond to the basic challenges of our time through service to the Filipino people, particularly those in Eastern Visayas.

As a Catholic Institution, LVD performs its missionary orientation by building up the Kingdom of God expressed in and through transformed individuals and socioeconomic, political, and cultural structures.  This will be advanced through a sustained and collective participation of the different sectors for more humane, democratic, sovereign, and Filipino society where people of faith and goodwill are empowered and free to realized and share their God-given potentials.

As an institution of higher learning.  LVD provides a general and specialized education for the formation of society committed capable and productive citizens and Christians who will preferentially serve the basic sectors of society.  Moreover, LVD seeks the development and discipline of faculty and employees in order to support the pursuit of excellence in and through a conceptualized integration of instruction, research and extension service.

As an SVD school.  Liceo del Verbo Divino, resolves to pursue creative dialogue and partnership with individuals, groups, communities and institutions that share the same similar vision and mission.

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